Kids Fund

What is K.I.D.S. Fund?

Did you know that a portion of your Morley PTO dues and event donations supports a small fund called the Knowledge Innovation Discovery School (K.I.D.S.) Fund?  About $2,000 is set aside annually for teachers/staff to apply for mini-grants that enhance the Morley School curriculum, bring programs to Morley or fund special projects.  Requests generally fall into the categories of arts, technology, education enhancement, school improvement, diversity and scholarship requests. 

If you have any questions about K.I.D.S. Fund, contact our K.I.D.S. Fund representatives: Amy Steinberg or Kristin Cianflone.



Past Budget and Awards:
  • A state of the art CD player/audio system to play recordings of professional musicians for Morley students learning to play instruments.
  • A portion of the cost of the Talcott Mountain program to help fourth grade students identify rocks & minerals and their properties.
  • A digital camera and photo printer to teach photography skills.
  • Educational games and art supplies for the District Mentor Program Site at Morley.

Julie Sanderson,
Jan 11, 2015, 7:41 AM